Circular Ripples In A Sea Of Triangles

This is an oil painting I started in 2014 and finished in 2015. I had a few photos of the various stages and thought I’d post the work in progress here. The initial design work made use of two software programs, the one used for the triangles was DMesh and the resulting geometry from that was imported into Cinema 4D for further editing. The purple shape was created in Cinema 4D and the rendering was also C4D. DMesh is software which runs a Delaunay triangulation algorithm on key points in an imported photo. It basically plots points where there are changes in colour or contrast and joins all the dots as triangles. The user can add extra points, delete points and also control how fine or coarse the initial triangulation is. This allows a lot of control over the final look of the Delaunay triangulation pattern. In DMesh there are various export options and the one used here was to export as an obj file. This creates geometry that Cinema 4D can import for further work to be carried out. I manipulated the imported mesh to the state that it appears in the painting along with adding the rings and purple shape. The oil painting measures 30″ x 40″ and is painted on Claessens polyester canvas. This painting was picked to appear at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. Only a very small number of paintings that are entered by the public are picked to appear at the exhibition. 75% of the show is reserved for institute members and 25% are picked from paintings submitted by the public. I have submitted twice so far and thankfully I have had work selected on both occasions. This painting was also a finalist in the Art Renewal Center International ARC Salon which top artists from all over the world enter. Up until now my recent paintings from 2014 onwards haven’t been available for sale but in 2016 I will be making all of the recent work available to purchase. In the meantime, inquiries can be made via the contact form. All paintings created from 2002 to 2006 have sold.

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