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Why Pseudorealism?

Pseudorealism or pseudo-realism is an avant-garde art genre. The realism is obvious, yet the composition can be extremely abstract in subject and content. Pseudo-realism is a word that can be used to describe computer generated imagery (CGI) and 3D animation. These days, nearly every TV show, TV commercial or big screen film will have pseudo-real elements that blend seamlessly with actual footage and it will deceive the viewer completely. Pseudo means fake or not real, so this is a fake reality designed to make the viewer believe it is real or to not even be noticed at all. In my paintings I am making scenes that appear as if they existed, but in reality they never have.


Biography & Artist Statement

My name is Paul Corfield and I was born in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK on March the 25th, 1970. I currently live in Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset, UK.

I paint in a style called Pseudorealism that I have been developing since around 2001, although I first experimented with it sporadically in the late 1990’s. When I turned professional my first oil paintings were in the style of traditional photorealism and these were based upon my film or digital camera photography. When I was growing up I was always drawn to paintings by the famous photorealists and I always dreamed of being a photorealist when I was older. After completing a number of paintings I started looking for ways to take the movement forward and to see what was possible beyond using a physical camera. I switched to painting photorealism based upon CGI photography rendered from my own computer designs. This style of realism has become known as pseudo-realism and it is a term that can refer to computer created realism such as the special effects seen in TV programs, TV advertising and most big screen block buster films. CGI special effects are everywhere these days, they blend in so seamlessly with real camera footage and when done well, it is completely undetectable. As the title says on my home page – An altered view of reality which is presented as being real. Computer software allows the artist to think beyond real life, if you can think of something, no matter how fantastical, then there is a way to make it seem as if it is a reality. This reality is further enhanced by the ability to take a photograph using the camera built into the software. I use software to unleash every ounce of creativity within me, but instead of stopping at the rendered image, I also recreate my ideas as highly detailed oil paintings. This is a new form of photorealism or hyperrealism that is not confined to camera lenses, this is new photorealism, neo-photorealism, post photorealism, pseudorealism or pseudo-realism, many words for the same thing. I think traditional photorealism or hyperrealism has stagnated somewhat, it has always been important for me to try to be a bit more forward thinking, a bit more avant-garde, to try to stand out from the crowd and push the movement into new territory. First and foremost I am interested in good design and thoughtful composition. That’s what I want the viewer to see when they first look at my work and not just say “Oh, it looks just like a photograph.” It is my view that with good composition the realism is secondary. 

Within this website I show two galleries of my work. One covers selected works painted between 2001 and 2006, while the other covers work painted from 2014 to the present day and within this period there is a gap of 8 years. The reason for that is that my wife became disabled and she could no longer work. So I became her full time carer and with a young family to support it was best for us that I stopped painting pseudorealism and sought out regular income. Thankfully, things are somewhat normal now and in 2013 I returned to developing new ideas with new paintings appearing from 2014 onwards.


Purchasing paintings from this website

I have been working on a new body of work since mid 2014 and those paintings can be seen in Gallery One. Those paintings are for sale as of December 2016 to coincide with the launch of this new website. Please use the contact form to make any inquiries regarding purchasing or for any other information you may have about my work.


Private commissions

I am happy to undertake commissions if they fit within the style of work that you see within this website. This can be pseudo-realism, photorealism, hyperrealism  or variants of. Please use the contact form to make any inquiries.


Past gallery representation

Plus One Gallery – London – UK
Russeck Gallery – San Francisco – USA


Exhibitions – Competitions

2016 – Aesthetica Art Prize – Currently I am through to the second round of judging. The next judging phase will take place late January / early February 2017.

2016 – Luxembourg Art Prize – The selection committee’s response – Your truth is your ability to see things. Your work is very intelligent. Persevere and keep going in the same direction!

2015 – I was selected to hang work at the Royal Institute Of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, UK

2014 – I was selected to hang work at the Royal Institute Of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, UK

2014/2015 – Art Renewal Centre – International ARC Salon – finalist

2013/2014 – Art Renewal Centre – International ARC Salon – finalist

2006 – Affordable Art Fair in London – Plus One Gallery

2005 – London Art Fair – Plus One Gallery

2005 – Affordable Art Fair in London – Plus One Gallery






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