2018 and going forward.

I made a big decision this week based upon where my art was in the past, where it is now and where I want it to go in the future. I created a series of paintings from around 2013 to late 2015 and then I took 18 months off to learn a completely new software package called Houdini FX. This is an incredibly in depth software with a very steep learning curve but I decided to invest the time because it would pay great dividends with creating future painting designs. During that learning phase I started some paintings based upon some renders that I liked but these were really just the results of following tutorials etc. Looking at those paintings now (which are in various stages of competition) I have decided they don’t fit at all with where my work was going at the end of 2015. I have have decided therefore to scrap all of the current work in progress and go back to designing work that I feel continues directly from where I was in 2015. Continuity and developing my style are key and that is where I am focusing 100% starting from today. It’s a big step but definitely the right one. For the past two months I have worked purely on new designs which continue building my style and some of those I have posted below. As far as my style and influences are concerned, I’m inspired greatly by the early Russian avant-garde abstract art movements, modern architecture design, modern abstract sculpture. I paint in a very realistic way which compares directly to those used for photorealism and hyperrealism. The renders that I create in my software use a virtual reality camera and my paintings are based directly upon those renders, so I guess you could call my art the next step in photorealism using the most modern methods available.


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